Registation for Bergen Songs

To register for Bergen Songs you will have to fill out the form below.

The last day of registration will be Monday 29th of February 2016.
After this a jury will select out participants from the list of registered artists. Participants from Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane will be a priority.

An answer to you application will ready by the 18th of March.

In order for you to participate our songwriting camp you will have to be available the whole camp between 20th-22nd of April (10:00-22:00) Participants will have to pay a fee of 1000 NOK which will cover the camp, lunch and dinner all three days as well as entry to the wrap party on the Friday.

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How many writing sessions have you participated in? *
Please add a Spotify, Soundcloud or private link. This will only be shared with the jury for selection.
Tell us a little bit about who you've worked with.
Tell us a little about what you've done, who you've worked with and your motivation to apply for the camp.
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