About Bergen Songs

Bergen Songs is a songwriting camp that was held for the first time on the 19th-22nd of April 2016 by Brak.  Bergen Songs is an arena where new and established songwriters and producers develop their skill and networks for future expansion of their career.


This years camp will be held on the 19th-21st of April, at USF Verftet in Bergen. If you want to participate or represent songwriters and producers that would benefit form this camp, contact Jørgen for more info.

Throughout the year, Brak will hold masterclasses, networking events and courses with a focus on songwriting/production for all our members. These will be open for all levels, and main goal is to increase the knowledge and insight into the process of co-operating on songwriting.

Participants will be selected through an open registration at www.bergensongs.no. We will also invite songwriters and producers to make sure that the camp will uphold a high level of quality, with a total of about 40 participants at the camp. It will be hosted at USF Verftet and Lydriket Studio. We will invite both national and international producers, songwriters, A&R's and publishers to attend the camp.

Bergen Songs goal is to inspire and develop songwriters and producers to reach their goal, wether it is world domination of the charts, or domestic success.


In order for you to participate our songwriting camp you will have to be available the whole camp between 19th-21st of April (10:00-22:00) Participants will have to pay a fee of 1000 NOK which will cover the camp, lunch and dinner all three days as well as entry to the wrap party on the Friday.

We are looking forward to create great music with you!

“I would encourage any writer to attend this superb writing camp. Multiple studios with fantastic inspiring views over the water. Positive energy oozed from every writing room and there was a sense that as a camp, the writers/producers were on to something quite special. I was completely blown away by the quality of the songs that were delivered. Two of which I have no doubt will be cut in the near future.”
— Danny Jr. Roberts, Decca Records